About Heart Judo

At Heart Judo, we build champions, and through that process, become better people ourselves. Success in judo isn’t limited to competitive success. Head Sensei and club owner Adrian Rivera teaches his students that judo is a philosophy that extends into all areas of life.

The letters in the name of Heart Judo stand for Honor, Excellence, positive Attitude, Respect, and Tradition. These principles guide the mind and actions of a Heart judoka both on and off the mat. On the mat, the Heart judoka is patient, analytical, and tactical, adapt to their opponent and their circumstances, and incorporate their own strengths and abilities to achieve success. A Heart judoka is never defeated; we are only presented with opportunities to learn from our decisions. These ideas guide the judoka in every situation in life as well.

As a successful entrepreneur and father, Sensei Adrian attributes his success to the traditions and philosophies that were passed along to him by his own instructors, including his father. “Part of my dedication comes from love of Judo; part of it is love of family. All of my successes are due to Judo and its philosophies. Judo taught me to analyze. Where am I doing well, where can I improve? How can I best move forward in my life? How can I remember my past to guide my future? When confronted with the unexpected, say, ‘Ok, this wasn’t in my plan, but how can I make it work?’ I’ve had my ups and downs, but it’s Judo that has helped me through everything.” Achieving success in Judo means achieving mastery of one’s body and mind. By learning to retain a positive attitude through hardship, students learn to see every challenge as a step on the path to victory.

Sensei Adrian teaches his students to remember those who came before them, who have given them the opportunity to succeed. No single person exists in isolation. “Judo is about community,” he says. “As I walk forward in the path of my father, I look back and see my child and my students following me, and that is the meaning of success.”